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Pail & Drum 20 lt & 200 lt Drum Melters

Pail & Drum Systems Offer:

  • Reliable analog control
  • Continous pump output
  • Production flexibility
  • Gear pump with variable frequency drive
  • Bracket for accurate container position
  • Interior pneumatic box with RAM cylinder pressure adjustment
  • Recirculating flow for hydraulic pressure control
  • 4 free electrical outputs; up to 8 programmable alarms
  • Two purge outlets
  • Drum aeration & dearation system
  • Optional pneumatic flow regulator for hydraulic pressure control
  • Finned, flat and new axial platens for maximum melting capacity
  • Manifold designed for single or dual hose output
  V Pail & VDrum 20 lt & 200 lt Drum Melters
  • The Drum System is the ideal solution for processing large quantities of hot melt and PUR, and has been designed for the best use of PUR drums.
  • Only adhesive in contact with the platen is heated, minimizing degradation.
  • Different melting plates are used depending on the required hot-melt capacity and conductivity values of hot melt.
  • Pail & Drum Systems allows a constant flow of hot melt for precise adhesive applications.
  • P.E. products are CE certified.
Pail & Drum Drum Melters Specifications:
Characteristics Pail Series Drum Series
System 20L flat platen 20L finned platen New 20L axial platen 200L flat platen 200L finned platen New 200L axial platen
Tank Capacity (L) 20 20 20 200 200 200
Max. Melting Capacity (Kg/h) 15 30 42 60 200 280
Max. Pumping Rate (Kg/h) 48 48 48 288 288 288
Max. number of pumps 2 2 2 2 2 2
Working temperature
30 - 240°
Max. Working Viscosity (cps)
100000 cps
Max. Working Pressure (bar)
80 bar
Electrical consumption (Kw) 6.0 Kw 10.0 Kw 12.0 Kw 15.0 Kw 30.0 Kw 36.0 Kw


FS 200 Drum Unloader

  • High Melt Rate
  • High Viscosity capability
  • Unloads from Fibre or Steel drums
  • Gear pump metering
  • Wide range of pump sizes
  • Microprocessor temperature control
  FS 200 Drum Unloader
Specification - FS200 single seal drum melter
Melt rate: up to 160Kgs per hour *
Pump size: 32ccm gear pump with AC motor
Pump rate: max 115 kg/hr max
Temperature sensor:  Pt100 or FeCuNi
Temperature control:  Siemens Microprocessor
Voltage: 400VAC
Platen: 16 KW
Power Consumption: 22 KW


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