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MI Slot Coat Gun Series

For Intermittent Applications up to 300m/min and 600mm lamination widths.

The P.E. MI Slot Gun has been developed to work in intermittent and high speed applications, with great cutt-off.

  MI Slot Coat Gun Series
Standard Feature Overview for the MI Slot Coat Gun series
  • Integrated valve and MI Snuff Back modules with Different Closing Systems, provide excellent cutt-off.

  • MI, MP and ML integral filter with draining value and recirculation curcuit to maintain consistent pressure valves.

  • Melton stainless steel laser-cutt shims provide quality results 0.3 - 1.5mm thickness.


MP and ML Slot Coat Gun Series

For continuous applications at high speed or intermittent applications at low speeds up to 600mm width patterns.

P.E.'s ML Slot Coat Gun has been designed to work in intermittent low operating speed applications and provides a precise and controlled adhesive coating film.

P.E.'s MP Slot Gun has been developed to work in continuous applications, and ensures a consistent application along the substrate.

  MP and ML Slot Coat Gun Series
Standard Feature Overview for MP ML Slot Coat Gun Series
  • ML and MP Differential Closing System provides a good cut-off.

  • ML, MP and MI durable steel body and optional Teflon bath for a nonstick easy cleaning contact surface.

  • ML, MP and MI assure minimum setup times, different coating widths up to 600mm are possible by setting up nozzle plates.


Slot Nozzles for Continuous and Intermittent Applications

P.E. Heated Hoses can supply High Performance slot dies for Coating purposes.

Both continuous and intermittent type up to 500mm wide.

Even distribution of adhesive across the head is achieved by advanced internal geometry of the glue channels.

Shims can be lasered insert type or the die plate can be milled to suit the application.

  Slot Nozzles for Continuous and Intermittent Applications
Standard Feature Overview for Slot Dies
  • Teflon coating of all surfaces in contact with hotmelt
  • Standard sensors are PT100/Ni 120
  • High performance modules, with long life
  • New sealing materials ensures low maintenance

For Intermittent applications

  • High cycling speeds
  • Good cut off performance
  • Lasered shim or milled nozzle plates available
Slot Die Specification
Voltage: 230VAC (110 available)
Wattage: 160 Watts per 30mm.
Temp Sensor:  PT100, Ni120, NTC, FeCuNi.
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