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Xcell Series Adhesive Supply Unit

The P.E. Piston Pump melters offer the best alternative for high quantity adhesive dispending on continuous jobs. DU series offers total flexibility in its control, from traditional analog to the most complete operational control through PLC network connected to your production line.

  • Greater durability for longer lasting equipment.
  • Integrated auto feeder.
  • Reliability and control.
  Quattro Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit
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System Features and Benefits - Xcell 032 Adhesive Supply Unit
  • Capacities 4L, 8L, 16L.
  • Lighting beacon and level production sensor.
  • New advanced shooting control.
  • High flow pump with electric activation.
  • Activation charge micron visualization.
  • Even 12 independent temperature control zones and 6 production hydraulic exits.
  • Optional external recirculation to the distributor.
  • Pneumatic pressure control and production manometer.
  • Filtration in to out system makes the cleaning and the maintenance easier.
  • Optional pressure discharge system.
  • Ergonomic base with easy anchor and compatible with other standards equipments.
  • Optional screening deposit.
Specifications - Xcell 032 Series Adhesive Supply Unit
Capacity:  4L - 8L - 16L
Fusion Capacity:  4.2kg/h 7.9kg/h - 13.5kg/h
Pumping capacity: 100kg/h
Compression rate: 14:1
Consumption power: 1800W - 2800W - 4800W
Work Temperature: 30C - 240C
Work viscosity: 50000 cps
pneumatic pressure: 0.2bar - 6bar
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