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Glue System Pattern Control


A programmable microprocessor control for packaging.

The MCP-4Pis a low-cost, full-featured adhesive system pattern control ideal for the packaging industry. The MCP-4Pis suited for packaging applications including palletizing, case & carton sealing and erection, graphic arts, or any variable speed requirements.


  • Mounts vertically
  • Up to 4 scanners
  • Field-wireable and easy to install
  • Simple power supply from PLC or electrical cabinet
  • 24V without Turck (low-speed driver)
  • 120V/ 220V with Turck (high-speed driver)
  • Timer or Encoder functions
  • Din-Rail mountable inside electrical cabinet
  • 4-Channel outputs capable of multiple glue patterns
  • Optional integral flow control
  • 115/230 VAC allows for second programmable
  • 0-10 Volt EPC output for speed tracking
  • Multi valve, complex glue patterning
  • CE Compliant

Available in two versions

version 074xx034

Version 074xx034

  • Input voltage 24VDC
  • Dimensions: 106mm deep x 282
  • mmwide x 245mmhigh
  • Remote 120 VAC power supply optional
  • Field-wireable connections
  • ExternalEPC
  • Will operate 12/24 VDC pneumatic valves, 400E series, and 2050 valves (used for lowspeed applications, not capable of short patterns at high machine speeds)
version 074xx036

Version 074xx036

  • Input voltage 115/230 VAC
  • Dimensions: 168mm deep x 285 mm wide x 245mm high (with power supply)
  • Turck connectors
  • Pre-configured to act as a valve drive
  • External EPC (Electronic Pressure Control)
version 074xx036

Version MCP-4P (074xx034)
Bottom View, 24VDC

MCP-4P Added Features:

  • 4-Channel operation with up to 8 programmable patterns per channel
  • raphical LCD display
  • Front panel indicators monitor system function
  • Password protection for key system parameters


pattern controller

P.E. offers a complete selection of hot-melt components and support equipment:

  • RTD hot-melt hoses
  • Manual and automatic dispensing valves
  • Nozzle and applicator styles
  • Mounting bracket packages
  • Solid-state pattern control systems
  • In-line filters
  • Replacement parts for competitive systems
  • High-performance hot-melt adhesives
  • Cost-effective rebuild/exchange programs

The MCP-4C and MCP-4P controls can be used with an extensive selection of PE Heated Hoses cold glue or hot melt adhesive dispensing valves including high-speed, non-contact spot gluing, fine-line gluing, and ribbon-pattern gluing. Suited for applications such as folding carton production, envelope manufacturing, paper-folders, book and magazine production, bag-making, corrugated box-making, and other high-speed converting requirements.

Typical MCP-4P System

MCP-4P system

PDF Download PDF for MCP-4P Pattern Controller

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