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Unique Hot Melt Adhesive

Spot the difference!
spot the difference

You'd be surprised at how many hot melt tanks we see that look like the one on the left. It is the result of a standard packaging hot melt being allowed to degrade - not only does it look (and smell) awful, but it will lead directly to nozzle blockages, production stoppages and increased costs.
Who wants that?

The tank on the right is filled with award winning* PE ultra hot melt adhesive. After over a year's continuous production, it remains clean, clear and odour free - and with no danger of nozzle blockages, PE ultra helps to reduce total costs.

Consider all these extra benefits of using PE

  • Versatile performance
    Lower inventory costs
  • Works all seasons.
  • Fast and slow machines.
  • Bonds a wide range of substrates.
  • Proven to replace many other hot melts.
  • High stability
    Lower maintenance costs
  • No charring, cleaner machines.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Reduced parts costs.
  • Cleaner running
    Lower downtime costs
  • Reduced stringing.
  • No dripping from nozzles - or blocking.
  • Reduced service time.
  • Better to work with
    Lower indirect costs
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • No smell, no tainting.
  • Approved for direct food contact,

PE-ultra 1 has been proven to be an excellent universal carton and case sealer. It performs well on the slowest case packers and the fastest carton sealers (160 cartons per minute-typical) in both cold winter conditions and hot summer conditions. In storage, the case/carton will retain bond integrity at high ambient temperatures and low storage temperatures, down to -30c on untreated boards.

The "pearl white" of PE-ultra 1 highlights its quality, giving such benefits as low odour, non-fuming and non-tainting, very important in food packing environments. It has the highest level of thermal stability of any hot melt adhesive, which prevents nozzle blockages caused by the build up of char or gel.

PE-ultra 1 is clean running on jet, wheel and dauber systems and together with the excellent thermal stability cuts machine downtime to an absolute minimum.

PE-ultra 1 has been formulated to give a medium to short open-time, high molten tack and a fast speed of set. These characteristics, together with excellent adhesion to a wide range of boards, high heat resistance (90c -25mm sq lap-shear/100g load) and low temperature resistance makes PE-ultra 1 the 1st choice in carton and case sealing applications.

Methods of application

Jet, wheel or dauber. Suggested application temperature is 150c to 160c (depending upon substrates to be bonded).

Technical characteristics
Adhesive type:  Synthetic polymer based hot melt
Viscosity at suggested application temp:  1175 cP @ 160c (typical value)
Ring and ball softening point (BA QA102) 110c (typical value)
Adhesive open time: Short/Medium
Adhesive molten tack: High
Colour: Pearl White
Packaging: Pastilles/Slats

PDF iconDownload Ultra adhesive PDF

Health and Safety

Follow the guidelines in the PESA Safe handing book available from PE Heated Hoses Ltd. Use protective clothing and take normal precautions when using hot liquids.

Burns Do not attempt to remove cold adhesive from skin- seek medical advice
Hot Fumes Do not inhale. Use in a well ventilated area
Fire Risk Use recommended running temperatures
Thermal stability

All P.E. Heated Hoses hot melt adhesives are formulated to minimize the risk of degradation at elevated temperatures. To ensure clean running, however, keep to the suggested application temperature, check thermostats regularly and never exceed 200c.


Store in a clean dry place at temperatures between 5 and 30c with containers kept closed. Use oldest stock first.

All brand names & trade marks are the property of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purposes only