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Glass Washing Machines

Glass Washing MachinesThe Six Brush is a three stage veritcal glass washing machine designed to constantly cope with the most rigorous of glass washing schedules.






Completely isolated prewash containing it's own hot water tank and set of rotary brushes for removal of particulates prior to entering the main wash.

6 Brush Glass Washing Machine

Contains two pairs of rotary brushes revolving in opposite directions washing and polishing the glass with hot water.

Final rinse with hot water of a very high standard, passing through a fine filter prior to glass saturation.

6 Brush Glass Washing Machine Specification
  • Three stage wash: 2 brush prewash, 4 brush main wash, rinse.
  • Stainless steel throughout: Chasis, covers, watertanks, bearings, shafts, pumps, fasteners, etc...
  • Three separate water tanks containing 250 litres for dilution.
  • Running speed variable 0-10 metres/min, brush speed proportional.
  • Air blowers:  Choice of hot or cold, switch operated.
  • Open plan, easy maintenance design.
  • Inspection screens allow viewing all three wash stages.
  • Suitable for all types of specialist coated glass.
  • Minimum glass size 190mm x 100mm.
  • Max glass thickness 10mm.
  • Glass loading height 760mm.
  • Conveyorised outfeed rack with stop/overide and inspection lights.
  • Low water safety switches with visual warning.
  • Available left to right or right to left.
  • Open top design.
  • Optional conveyorised infeed extra.
6 Brush Glass Washing Machine Models
Models Available 1.3m
Six Brush
Six Brush
Six Brush
Six Brush
Overall length 6080 6080 6080 7130
Overall depth 1000 1000 1000 1000
Height 2170 2370 2670 2970
Input rack 1950 1950 1950 2400
Conveyorised outfeed 2400 2400 2400 3000
Power Consumption Hot air on 28kw 29kw 30kw 31kw
Power Consumption Hot air off 18kw 19kw 20kw 21kw


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